About Homewood Veterinary Care

We are excited to care for the pets of Homewood, IL, and the surrounding areas. We appreciate you making us a part of your pet’s life and letting us be a partner to your family.

Our Values

We treat your pets like valued family members in a caring, fear-free environment that creates an atmosphere of trust between staff and clients.

Our Mission

Homewood Animal Care’s mission is to provide the highest level of medical and surgical excellence to our patients. We strive to excel in a Fear-Free environment centered around compassion and respect for the human-animal bond. We focus on building lifelong relationships with our valued clients throughout all stages of their pet’s lives.

We accomplish this by fostering an employee supportive environment that places emphasis on

Cat walking

continuous learning. We are passionate about maximizing each other’s talents, operating with mutual respect and encouragement. We are committed to promoting client education and preventative health care while practicing the latest advances in veterinary medicine. We recognize that it is a privilege to serve the community by offering quality and affordable pet care.

Our services include everything from preventive care to emergency care and everything in between. We are excited to announce that Homewood Veterinary Care’s new state-of-the-art facility will be taking appointments starting December 5th. With a compassionate staff, our Fear-Free environment, and a modernized hospital, our commitment is to give you and your beloved pet the highest-quality care.