Pet Annual Physical Examinations

The health of your pet must undergo physical inspection.

Pet Annual Physical Examinations

Annual physical examinations of your pet by our doctors will help to detect any medical problems early before they become serious. Use this visit with the doctor to bring up any concerns you have regarding your pet’s activity level, eating, drinking, stool or urination habits. What may appear to be that your pet is “just growing old” may be a specific medical condition for which there is easy treatment.

Please bring in a sample of your pet’s stool at each annual examination so that our laboratory can check for the presence of worm eggs in the stool.

At the annual physical examination, we may recommend specific blood tests, whether they be for routine heartworm testing or for screening for early internal problems such as kidney or liver disease. It can be reassuring to know that “all is well” with your beloved family pet.

We have Fear Free Certified Professionals

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